Past Events

Virtual Constitution Day Event
SEPTEMBER 17, 2020 12:00 PM
Online via Zoom

Join us in recognizing Constitution Day with back-to-back Batten Hour guests who will talk about the importance of safeguarding our constitutional rights. Stay tuned for a lunchtime Constitution Day trivia contest, which will be released on September 17 – the lucky winner will receive a free pizza to share with their fellow history and policy buffs.


Please join us for Batten Hour, featuring Scott Skinner-Thompson. In his book Privacy at the Margins, Skinner-Thompson highlights why privacy is of acute importance for marginalized groups. He will speak to how examining limited privacy can enrich and enhance our lives at the margins in material ways and more. 

What is the Batten MPP?
September 10, 2020 7:30 PM

In this session, hear from Jeff Chidester, Executive Director of External Affairs, and Courtney Leistensnider, Admissions Coordinator, on the differences of the Batten MPP experience and where the degree can take you.

Virtual Student Organization Fair
SEPTEMBER 7, 2020 12:00 PM
Online via Zoom

Batten BA and MPP students, come meet our incredible Batten student organizations! Each organization will host an open zoom room for students to join and get information from organization members. Come ready with questions and get excited to hear about the incredible work of your peers!


Whether we are discussing affordable housing, access to healthcare, racial equity, gender equity, LGBTQ+ rights, forced displacement, or climate change, current and aspiring policymakers should see the private sector as a key partner, Batten professor Christine Mahoney argues. For the next installment of Batten Expert Chats, Mahoney will speak and take questions on how investments can act as an engine for positive social impact.


Harry Harding, professor of public policy and founding dean of the Batten School, will join us for the next edition of Batten’s Expert Chat series. His talk and the Q&A session to follow will cover relations between the U.S. and China. What efforts did the two countries make to build a stable relationship, and why did they fail? What happens next?