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More flawed graphs in a Romney campaign ad

Mon, 2038-01-18 22:14

“This was household income when President Obama took office. This was the national debt. Under Obama, families have lost over $4,000 a year in income, and the national debt is now $16 trillion and growing. Barack Obama: More spending, more debt — failing American families.”

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Most independent ads for 2012 election are from groups that don’t disclose donors

Sun, 2032-04-25 09:28

Nearly all of the independent advertising aired for the 2012 general-election campaign has come from interest groups that do not disclose their donors, suggesting that much of the political spending over the next six months will come from sources invisible to the public.

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National digest: Dec. 22, 2014

Sun, 2014-12-21 20:25
New JerseyChristie seeks return of cop killer in CubaNew Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) disagrees with President Obama’s decision to normalize relations with Cuba and wants the president to demand the immediate return of a convicted cop killer from the country “before any further consideration of restoration of diplomatic relations with the Cuban government.”Read full article >>

Nation’s coal mines nearing record low in worker deaths

Sun, 2014-12-21 19:42
LOUISVILLE — Less than five years after an explosion fueled by excess coal dust killed 29 men deep inside a West Virginia underground mine, the nation’s coal mines are on pace for an all-time low in work-related deaths.Read full article >>

Federal Diary: Gross case illustrates agency’s use of workers for secret Cuban projects

Sun, 2014-12-21 19:32
Although his high-profile scene in the diplomatic-relations drama starring the United States and Cuba will eventually fade to subplot, the role Alan Gross played raises critical questions about the way this country uses people to represent its interests.Read full article >>

Medicare appeals office cuts seniors’ waiting time to see a judge in half

Sun, 2014-12-21 19:19
The federal office responsible for appeals for Medicare coverage has cut in half the waiting time for beneficiaries who are requesting a hearing before a judge. The progress follows an announcement in January that officials were going to work through a crushing backlog by moving beneficiaries to the front of the line and suspending hearings on cases from hospitals, doctors and other providers for at least two years.Read full article >>

In New York, tensions between police and Mayor Bill de Blasio boil over after killings

Sun, 2014-12-21 14:25
Tensions between New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and the city’s police — which boiled over in the wake of the assassination-style slayings of two officers Saturday — have been simmering since the mayor’s 2013 campaign and represent a sharp turn from the close alliances between the city’s mayors and its law enforcement over the past two decades.Read full article >>

Rubio slams ‘Obama-Paul’ Cuba policy

Sun, 2014-12-21 12:26
The feud over Cuba between two potential 2016 foes, Republican Sens. Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Rand Paul (Ky.), continued Sunday, with the Floridian trying to tie his Kentucky colleague to President Obama.Read full article >>

Meeks defends de Blasio against criticism over slain NYPD officers

Sun, 2014-12-21 11:00
This post has been updatedRep. Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.) defended New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) on Sunday morning against criticism that he was partly to blame for the shooting death of two NYPD officers.Read full article >>

The Fix: ‘Serial’ takes on Santa

Sun, 2014-12-21 10:21
"Serial", the true crime podcast narrated by Sarah Koenig, has become a cultural phenomenon. (It is the single most downloaded podcast in history; I am one of the millions now listening.) Now, "Serial" is taking on another case that has baffled people for ages: Is Kris Kringle really delivering presents to all of the children of the world in one night? And, if so, how?Read full article >>

Obama: North Korea hack ‘cyber-vandalism,’ not ‘act of war’

Sun, 2014-12-21 09:56
President Obama said in an interview broadcast Sunday that he does not think a recent North Korean cyberattack against Sony Pictures Entertainment was "an act of war.""No, I don't think it was an act of war," Obama said on CNN's "State of the Union." "I think it was an act of cyber-vandalism that was very costly, very expensive. We take it very seriously. We will respond proportionately."Read full article >>

The Fix: Hillary Clinton *drops* to a 49-point lead for the Democrats’ 2016 nomination

Sun, 2014-12-21 07:00
The year 2014 brought a mixed bag for Hillary Clinton's presidential hopes. Her popularity continued to decline, her book tour drew mixed reviews (along with her book), and some in the liberal wing of the part are urging Elizabeth Warren to challenge her for the Democratic presidential nomination.Read full article >>

Family of Cleveland woman seeks answers about her death in police custody

Sat, 2014-12-20 20:19
CLEVELAND — Half a dozen family members stood back, away from the loud protests that engulfed this eastside street corner as the sun went down on a recent evening.The signs, held by neighbors, friends and others, demanded justice for Tanisha Anderson. But it was deep grief, not demanding anger, that sat in the eyes of her loved ones. They just want answers.Read full article >>

From Fact Checker, the year’s biggest political whoppers, with Putin as a guest

Sat, 2014-12-20 17:47
It’s time for our annual roundup of the biggest Pinocchios of the year.The midterm elections, of course, dominated our coverage of false claims, as an avalanche of negative ads tumbled across televisions screens. Some of those spots, which made it onto our list of the worst campaign ads, have the dubious honor of also appearing on this list.Read full article >>

Getting Chris Christie’s goat: Activists try to rile up governor, pile up some YouTube hits

Sat, 2014-12-20 17:45
SEA BRIGHT, N.J. — Sandy Booket came to the town-hall meeting intending to ask Gov. Chris Christie a serious question — about rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Sandy. But then Christie called on her and, in that instant, she changed her mind.Read full article >>

Getting Chris Christie’s goat: Activists try to rile up governor, pile up some YouTube hits

Sat, 2014-12-20 17:45
SEA BRIGHT, N.J. — Sandy Booket came to the town-hall meeting intending to ask Gov. Chris Christie a serious question — about rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Sandy. But then Christie called on her and, in that instant, she changed her mind.Read full article >>

Federal Eye: Not every GI is a Joe! VA works to help growing number of female veterans

Sat, 2014-12-20 14:32
“Not every GI is a Joe.”“Please, don’t call me Mister”These are the titles of a series of posters that the Department of Veterans Affairs has put up across its vast hospital system.Read full article >>

Balz: For Obama, a good December, but hard choices lie ahead

Sat, 2014-12-20 13:00
President Obama left Washington on Friday for a lengthy holiday vacation in Hawaii, as if the beating he and the Democrats absorbed last month was of no particular consequence to him. Life could be different when he returns in January.Read full article >>

The Fix: Obama as culture warrior

Sat, 2014-12-20 07:00
President Obama has just concluded the most active six weeks of his presidency, in which he has racked up a list of legacy-level actions.And it is a grab bag of moves -- both substantive and symbolic -- that should make most progressives swoon.Read full article >>

Federal Eye: Obama gives federal workers a 2015 pay raise

Fri, 2014-12-19 20:47
President Obama on Friday ordered a 1-percent pay raise for federal employees, giving them only their second mandatory wage increase in the past five years.The salary bump will take effect on Jan. 1, marking the second year Obama provided a raise for the federal workforce after a three-year pay freeze. The 2014 increase was also 1 percent.Read full article >>