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Updated: 13 min 4 sec ago

More flawed graphs in a Romney campaign ad

Mon, 2038-01-18 22:14

“This was household income when President Obama took office. This was the national debt. Under Obama, families have lost over $4,000 a year in income, and the national debt is now $16 trillion and growing. Barack Obama: More spending, more debt — failing American families.”

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Most independent ads for 2012 election are from groups that don’t disclose donors

Sun, 2032-04-25 09:28

Nearly all of the independent advertising aired for the 2012 general-election campaign has come from interest groups that do not disclose their donors, suggesting that much of the political spending over the next six months will come from sources invisible to the public.

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The Fix: The de Blasios do something called “the smackdown”

31 min 40 sec ago

After winning the New York City Democratic primary for mayor last fall, Bill de Blasio and his family did the "Smackdown" dance. It quickly became their thing.

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Monkey Cage: World values lost in translation

51 min 45 sec ago

At the dawn of the 21st century, the Vietnamese were the most authoritarian people in the world, according to the World Values Survey. Ninety-nine percent of the survey’s respondents in Vietnam in 2001 said they favored military rule. So did 96 percent of the survey’s sample in Indonesia and five sixths of respondents in Albania in 1998 and Iran in 2000. In the next round of the survey only a few years later, however, only a third of the samples in Vietnam and Iran supported military rule, and only one eighth in Albania. Of the four most authoritarian countries from the previous round, only Indonesia remained consistent at 95 percent.

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GovBeat: These are the states where you can drive the fastest

1 hour 7 min ago

In six states —Idaho, Maine, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming — drivers can get up to 75 miles per hour on urban interstates, and oftentimes even faster on rural ones.

States have been able to set their own speed limits since 1995, when the federal government repealed the 55 miles per hour National Maximum Speed Limit. Since then, 35 states have raised their speed limits to 70 miles per hour or higher on at least some places, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association.

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The Fix: Watch the best 2014 primary ads, in 110 seconds

1 hour 29 min ago

The primary season is (almost) over. But some of the ads were too good to forget. So while we await the onslaught of general election ads, here are some of the most successful from the primary campaigns.

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GovBeat: Map: Where working women are most equal

1 hour 36 min ago

The status of working women is strongest in the Northeast, the region home to many of the most-equal states by employment and earnings, according to a national analysis.

Massachusetts had the highest score among states, according to the analysis of four factors conducted by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. (D.C. scored even higher, though many argue it is better compared to other cities.) All but four of the 10 highest-scoring states — Maryland, Minnesota, Colorado and Virginia — were in the Northeast. Sixteen states earned a B- or higher. West Virginia ranked dead last and, along with Alabama, received an F. The composite scores, excluding D.C., ranged from 68.5 to 90.5, on a hundred-point scale.

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In the Loop: Intern sought for Republican congressman: ‘Vapid granolas’ need not apply

1 hour 38 min ago

Want to help outgoing Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Tex.) stick it to House leadership for his final months in Congress?

The conservative firebrand is seeking unpaid interns this fall, but he has very specific criteria to receive the honor of sharing office space with “the House’s most unique and courageous conservative.”

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The Fix: Bruce Rauner spends more on wine than average Illinois households spend on everything

1 hour 40 min ago

Illinois gubernatorial candidate and venture capitalist Bruce Rauner (R) is wealthier than you. Ha ha, you say, how do you know? And I answer: Because he belongs to a wine club that costs as much as $150,000 to join. For wine. Which -- a wealthy person like yourself may not be aware -- sells at Trader Joe's for a little over two dollars. (Editor's note: While Philip may drink two dollar wine, he does not speak -- or imbibe -- for all of us.)

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The Fix: Where are they now? — the Congressional edition

1 hour 55 min ago

Former House majority leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) resigned from Congress at the beginning of August, and now -- only a month later -- he already has a new gig. The Wall Street Journal reported overnight that Cantor is joining a Wall Street investment bank. He will make more than double his congressional salary. Cantor isn't alone in having to unexpectedly change career plans thanks to a forced exit from politics. Here's a look at other once familiar faces who've moved on to greener (or at least other) pastures.

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The Fix: How McCutcheon has already changed campaign finance, in 1 chart

2 hours 7 min ago

Remember back in April when the Supreme Court struck down the total contribution limit for individual donors?

Well, lots (and lots) of wealthy individuals have taken advantage of their new freedom to give to as many candidates as they like -- all while staying within the federal contribution limits to each of those candidates. According to the WaPo's indispensable Matea Gold: "More than 300 donors have seized the opportunity, writing checks at such a furious pace that they have exceeded the old limit of $123,200 for this election cycle, according to campaign finance data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan research organization."

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Parties got a bump in donations following McCutcheon decision

2 hours 8 min ago

When the Supreme Court sided with Alabama businessman Shaun McCutcheon and the Republican National Committee in April and overturned a cap on how much political donors could give every two years, party officials hoped the ruling would help fill their coffers.

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Good news for Michael Grimm: His trial’s after Election Day

2 hours 11 min ago

A bit of good news, at least politically, for Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.), who is under indictment on allegations of tax and business fraud: He won't face a jury until after the Nov. 4 midterm vote. Here's the Staten Island Advance with more:

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The Fix: Former senators Trent Lott and John Breaux have new gigs. As Russian bank lobbyists.

2 hours 27 min ago

Two former U.S. senators -- Republican Majority Leader Trent Lott and Democrat John Breaux -- are now working as lobbyists for the Russian-owned Gazprombank, according to a Friday filing. That bank, controlled by the Russian state-owned Gazprom energy company, was a target of U.S. sanctions in July.

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The Fix: From ACORN to Obamacare: The ebb and flow of Republican Obama critiques

2 hours 47 min ago

Remember Solyndra? It was a solar company that failed in 2011 after having received loan guarantees from the government and a vocal endorsement from President Obama. To Republicans, it best epitomized the failures of the administration -- at least, until the September 11, 2012, attacks on the American facilities in Benghazi, Libya, which then best epitomized those failures. Soon after, the Healthcare.gov website rolled out with four flat tires, becoming the best epitome of Obama's policies yet.

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Federal Eye: Border officials grapple with militia issues after shooting incident

2 hours 51 min ago

A U.S. Border Patrol agent chasing illegal immigrants on Friday fired several shots at an armed man who later identified himself as a militia member, heightening concerns about an influx of uninvited volunteers who have flocked to the Southwest border in recent weeks.

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Gardner criticizes Bennet as Senate’s ‘chief partisan’

2 hours 58 min ago

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. -- Senators from the same state usually go out of their way to maintain healthy relationships with each other, even if they are in different parties. But the Colorado Republican hoping to oust Sen. Mark Udall (D) takes a dim view of his state's other Democratic senator, whom he hopes to serve alongside.

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WH official: Video of U.S. journalist’s beheading will be ‘carefully analyzed’

3 hours 9 min ago

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Tuesday that the administration would examine the video that purports to show the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff by Islamic militants.

If confirmed, Sotloff would be the second U.S. journalist killed by the Islamic State terrorist organization in the past month. In late August, Sotloff's mother made an impassioned public plea for her son's life.

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GovBeat: Texas wants U.S. Supreme Court to help it block Confederate license plates

3 hours 12 min ago

Texas’s attorney general wants the U.S. Supreme Court to weigh in on a five-year fight over specialty Confederate flag license plates.

The plates were sponsored five years ago last month by the Texas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, a nonprofit group that describes itself as “neither political nor sectional” and “strives to honor and keep alive the memory of the Confederacy and the principles for which Confederates fought.” Supporters of such groups say they are simply celebrating those who fought for state’s rights, while critics say doing so ignores the involvement of those states in slavery.

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The Alaska governor’s race suddenly got interesting. Here’s everything you need to know.

3 hours 36 min ago

The Alaska governor's race probably hasn't been on your list of must-follows for the fall. But as of right now, it should be.

In short: the Democratic nominee and an independent candidate are poised to team up for a unity campaign bent on unseating Gov. Sean Parnell (R). The deal needs to be finalized by today, and still there's an outside chance it could still fall through. But it certainly looks like things are headed in the direction of a joint ticket.

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