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Updated: 1 hour 48 min ago

More flawed graphs in a Romney campaign ad

Mon, 2038-01-18 22:14

“This was household income when President Obama took office. This was the national debt. Under Obama, families have lost over $4,000 a year in income, and the national debt is now $16 trillion and growing. Barack Obama: More spending, more debt — failing American families.”

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Most independent ads for 2012 election are from groups that don’t disclose donors

Sun, 2032-04-25 09:28

Nearly all of the independent advertising aired for the 2012 general-election campaign has come from interest groups that do not disclose their donors, suggesting that much of the political spending over the next six months will come from sources invisible to the public.

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Federal Diary: Strong conservative chairman says he is open to federal employee perspectives

3 hours 11 min ago
Mark Meadows is a difficult man to predict.As the new chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee on government operations, the North Carolina Republican is in a key position to affect federal workplace and employee issues.Read full article >>

Obama: ‘I’m happy to take on some of the blame’ for midterm election losses

3 hours 18 min ago
PHILADELPHIA -- President Obama urged Republicans to embrace his forthcoming budget proposal Thursday night by saying that his plan would contribute to the nation's ongoing economic recovery.The White House budget plan set for release next week is expected to cost $74 billion more in discretionary investments than is currently allowed by spending caps mandated by Congress four years ago in an attempt to reduce the federal deficit. The proposal, a 7 percent increase over levels set by what's known as "sequestration," includes $530 billion on the non-defense discretionary side, an increase of $37 billion over the spending caps; and $561 billion in defense spending, an increase of $38 billion over the spending caps, according to White House officials.Read full article >>

Lindsey Graham of South Carolina joins other Republicans in pursuit of presidency

4 hours 16 min ago
The already-crowded field of would-be Republican presidential candidates grew again on Thursday when Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) announced the formation of an exploratory committee for president.The launch of the Security Through Strength committee enables Graham to raise money for a potential run. It’s the clearest sign yet that he is serious about entering the race, and comes as a flurry of White House aspirants are taking public and private steps toward entering what could be the most wide-open GOP primary in memory.Read full article >>

In the Loop: Vacations in Cuba?

4 hours 20 min ago
Will Cuba be the next Cancun? A ­bipartisan coalition of senators wants Americans to make Cuba their next vacation destination — or at least have that option.Four Republicans and four Democrats introduced the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act of 2015 on Thursday to lift restrictions on American travel to Cuba. The 50-year-old ban is still in place, though it has been loosened in President Obama’s effort to “normalize” U.S.-Cuba relations.Read full article >>

Obama budget proposal would boost spending beyond ‘sequestration’ caps

5 hours 24 min ago
President Obama will present a federal budget proposal on Monday that would exceed restrictive spending caps mandated by Congress four years ago and propose new capital gains and bank taxes, an effort that is likely to get bogged down in congressional opposition to taxes and big budget deficits. Read full article >>

Some in Congress still unsure if Secret Service has made enough change at the top

6 hours 47 min ago
Two weeks after the Secret Service forced out four of its top officials, lawmakers are questioning whether the agency should have ousted one more — its influential second-in-command.Members of Congress from both parties are concerned that by keeping in place Alvin “A.T.” Smith, the Secret Service stopped short of fully reforming the upper management following a string of embarrassing security lapses, according to government officials familiar with the discussions.Read full article >>

The Fix: It could be a very long time before Democrats are in the House majority again

7 hours 3 min ago
House Democrats are gathering in Philadelphia Thursday and Friday to talk about that most compelling and complex of topics: the future. High on that agenda will be how -- and when -- they can hope to retake the majority they lost in the 2010 election.Read full article >>

The Fix: 7 things you didn’t read today (but should have)

7 hours 32 min ago
1. The Washington Post White House team has the latest on President Obama's budget proposal.2. The presidential campaign isn't the only 2016 race already in gear -- conservatives are getting ready to primary a few vulnerable Republicans in Congress.Read full article >>

Senate passes Keystone XL pipeline bill despite Obama promise to veto

7 hours 40 min ago
The Senate approved legislation Thursday that would mandate the construction of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, a bipartisan vote that will set the stage for a veto showdown with President Obama. On a 62-to-36 vote, Republicans and nine Democrats approved a bill that mandates construction of the 840-mile energy pipeline that Obama has vowed to veto while federal environmental reviews continue.Read full article >>

Former Romney senior aide to work for Bush campaign

7 hours 58 min ago
A top aide to Mitt Romney in both of his presidential campaigns has accepted a job working for Jeb Bush's political action committee, as both Romney and Bush weigh 2016 White House bids.Bush's spokeswoman Kristy Campbell confirmed Thursday that the Iowa-based David Kochel will be a senior strategist for Bush's PAC.Read full article >>

Will word clouds help House Democrats figure out how to win in 2016?

8 hours 3 min ago
PHILADELPHIA -- With fellow House Democrats gathered in a hotel across the street, Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) walked into a room full of reporters here Thursday and joked that "Not since the Continental Congress has there been such a gathering of political talent in this city."Read full article >>

The Fix: The most generous counties in presidential politics, 1980 to 2012

9 hours 29 min ago
Since 1980, there are two ZIP codes that have been among the most generous in the country for the presidential candidate of each party every four years. You might be able to guess where they are. If not, we'll give it away: New York City. According to data from the Federal Election Commission, individual donors in ZIP codes 10021 and 10022 -- Manhattan's Upper East Side -- have given Republican and Democratic presidential candidates over $27 million in the last nine presidential races.Read full article >>

The Fix: States that are more opposed to abortion rights have fewer abortions — but not fewer unintended pregnancies

9 hours 33 min ago
Abortion in America is an extremely divisive issue, splitting Republicans and Democrats with often very strong feelings.It also divides the states. In 2010, according to a new study from the Guttmacher Institute, an abortion rights group, an estimated 11 percent of all unintended pregnancies in South Dakota were aborted. In New York, it was 54 percent.Read full article >>

The Fix: In which we try to solve a Senate ‘whodunit’

9 hours 48 min ago
UPDATE 2:45 pm: We got a note from Sen. Shaheen's office and they say "was not us."Our colleague Colby Itkowitz offers another theory: There was also the Judiciary Committee hearing featuring former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson. The only senator who serves on both Judiciary and Appropriations is Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.). And in her opening statement Feinstein did sort of call out the hearing, which was ostensibly about the nomination of Loretta Lynch, but really about criticizing Eric Holder's tenure, as b.s.: Read full article >>

In the Loop: Lynch: Not Eric Holder and definitely not John Mitchell, either

10 hours 12 min ago
Maybe you thought the country had moved on from Watergate to focus on more important “-gates” like Fangate, Bridgegate, Weinergate, Fajitagate (San Francisco police assaulted two people over a bag of suspected drugs that turned out to be steak fajitas) or, most recently, Deflategate.Read full article >>

New signals of Rubio weighing a 2016 bid as senator makes California fundraising stop

11 hours 3 min ago
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) this week may be sending the clearest signals yet that he intends to run for president rather than seek reelection to a second term in 2016. On a week when the Senate was consumed with a bill to approve construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, Rubio was in California raising money for his political action committee and reelection campaign.Read full article >>

McCain: ‘Get out of here, you low-life scum’ (VIDEO)

11 hours 36 min ago
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) confronted anti-war Code Pink protesters at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing Thursday, saying "Get out of here, you low-life scum."The hearing, to include testimony from former secretaries of state Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright and George Shultz, was on global threats and national security strategy.Read full article >>

The Fix: Will Mike Pence tip the GOP scales on Medicaid expansion?

11 hours 38 min ago
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) might have started a trend. No, not one involving a state-run news outlet (that didn't turn out so well -- quelle surprise), but rather a trend on Medicaid expansion. Pence announced Tuesday that he reached a deal with the Obama administration to launch Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0, his own distinct version of expansion.Read full article >>