Keep the Kids Inside: Juvenile Curfews and Urban Gun Violence

Authors: Jennifer L. Doleac, Jillian B. Carr

Gun violence is an important problem across the United States. Due to limited data, it has been difficult to convincingly test the impacts of government policies on the quantity and geography of gunfire. This paper uses a new source of data on gunfire incidents, which does not suffer from selective underreporting common in other crime datasets, to measure the effects of juvenile curfews in Washington, DC.

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Spatial Models of Legislative Effectiveness

Authors: Craig Volden, Matthew P. Hitt, Alan E. Wiseman

Spatial models of policymaking have evolved from the median voter theorem through the inclusion of institutional considerations such as political parties, committees, and various voting and amendment rules. Such models, however, implicitly assume that no policy is more effective than another at solving public policy problems and that all proposers are equally capable of advancing proposals.

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