SE Student Leaders

Building Social Entrepreneurship @U.Va. from the Grassroots

SEED gives students the incredible opportunity to work with social entrepreneurs around the world, and as we members learn how to offer the best technical support we can for our clients, we have had to arrange trainings and workshops outside of the classroom. The number of SEED members alone points to the high demand for this type of work and experience -- and yet, as students, we were unable to find a comprehensive place within the university to prepare us. In 2011 the SEED Executive Board drafted a proposal to the Jefferson Trust Committee in hopes of securing the financial support necessary to engineer a hub for social entrepreneurship.

A number of students identified a need for the University to help equip students with the skills necessary to better understand and engage in the growing practice of social entrepreneurship.Student leaders examined existing programs specializing in this area at universities across the country and brainstormed with students, administrators and professors on ways to bring the best practices to the University of Virginia. These conversations and research culminated in a 30-page proposal detailing the various ways the University could harness its resources to offer a world-class program. With the support and commitment of key faculty and administrators, this proposal has become the blueprint for what is now the University’s Social Entrepreneurship Initiative.

SE Student Advisory Board

Minahil Amin
2nd Year MPP student at the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy

Kaija Flood
1st Year MPP student at the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy

Faith Lyons
3rd Year student at the McIntire School of Commerce

Porter Nenon
3rd Year student at the College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in Political and Social Thought