The DPC Concentric Health Relationship Platform: Catalyzing Social Entrepreneurship in Health Care Services

The objective of this case is to provide students with a comprehensive case in which they have the opportunity to identify and address the ways a mission-driven organization can spur social entrepreneurship. Specifically, students must address (1) The leadership role that the organization must assume in paving the way to become a standard of care and a model for how the incumbent relationship infrastructure of fee-for-service third-party reimbursement at the provider and self-funded payer levels could be disrupted with sustainable effect; (2) an understanding of the opportunities and challenges of creating an organization based on a highly disruptive technology; the importance and implications of social entrepreneurship in championing a technology within a particular (in this case medical) field forward; how, in health care, social capital principles may attract the status quo levers of power and use them to drive acceptance of and adherence to a continuously improving system of care; and understanding how to strike the balance between existing and new personal services and existing and new technologies to build resilience.

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Bala Mulloth