Introducing the LEAD Dataset

Authors: Allan C. Stam, Cali Mortenson Ellis, Michael C. Horowitz

The Leader Experience, Attribute, and Decision (LEAD) data set provides a rich source of new information about the personal lives and experiences of over 2,000 state leaders from 1875–2004. For the first time, we can combine insights from psychology and human development with large-n data on interstate conflict for a new theory of leadership and inter-state relations.

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When Are Women More Effective Lawmakers Than Men?

Authors: Craig Volden, Alan E. Wiseman, Vanderbilt University, Dana E. Wittmer, Colorado College

Previous scholarship has demonstrated that female lawmakers differ from their male counterparts by engaging more fully in consensus-building activities.  We argue that this behavioral difference does not serve women equally well in all institutional settings. 

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A Government Out of Sight: The Mystery of National Authority in Nineteenth-Century America

Authors: Brian Balogh

While it is obvious that America’s state and local governments were consistently active during the nineteenth century, a period dominated by laissez-faire, political historians of twentieth-century America have assumed that the national government did very little during this period. A Government Out of Sight challenges this premise, chronicling the ways in which the national government intervened powerfully in the lives of nineteenth-century Americans through the law, subsidies, and the use of third parties (including state and local governments), while avoiding bureaucracy. 

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