Are Parents’ Ratings and Satisfaction with Preschools related to Program Features?

Authors: Daniel W. Player, Daphna Bassok, Anna J. Markowitz, Michelle Zagardo

This study examines whether parents’ overall satisfaction with their child’s early childhood education (ECE) program is correlated with a broad set of program characteristics, including (a) observational assessments of teacher-child interactions; (b) structural features of the program, such as teacher education and class size; (c) practical and convenience factors (e.g., hours, cost); and (d) a measure of average classroom learning gains. It then describes associations between parents’ evaluation of specific program characteristics and externally collected measures of those features.

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How Principal Leadership and Person-Job Fit Are Associated with Teacher Mobility and Attrition

Authors: Daniel W. Player, Peter Youngs, Frank Perrone, Erin Grogan

While existing studies of teacher retention have attempted to isolate economic and organizational factors that predict teacher turnover, this paper etends the research base by incorporating measures of principal leadership and person-job (P-J) fit. Using data from roughly 3000 teachers from the 2011-12 Schools and Staffing Survey and the 2012-13 Teacher Follow-up Survey, we explore how leadership and P-J fit are associated with teachers’ mobility.

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Assessing School Turnaround: Evidence from Ohio

Authors: Daniel W. Player, Veronica Katz

Policy makers have struggled to find successful approaches to address concentrated, persistent low school achievement. While NCLB and the School Improvement Grant (SIG) program have devoted significant time and attention to turnaround, very little empirical evidence substantiates whether and how these efforts work.

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