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Social Equity

Women Students at a chalboard

A new five-week course from Professor Lucy Bassett brings a feminist perspective to the Batten curriculum.

First-gen celebration

In recognition of National First-Gen College Celebration Week (Nov. 8-13), the Batten School and UVA's School of Data Science invite students, faculty and staff from both schools to celebrate first-generation college students during a catered lunch at 12:00 PM on Thursday, November 11 at the School of Data Science office above Ragged Mountain Running Store.

John Henry James

A UVA research team, including three Batten professors, uncovered a quantifiable relationship between Confederate memorials and the explicitly racist practice of lynching.

Graphic by Macy Brandon

Through a new BattenX educational module, CEOs and nonprofit executives from across the globe are reckoning with systemic racism.

Garrett Hall

The School's new postdoctoral fellows will investigate perceptions of minorities in academia and the workplace, among other subjects.


According to experts interviewed Friday in a webinar hosted by UVA's Miller Center, we are in a grim period, but if we continue to follow public health measures and increase vaccinations, the end of the pandemic is at least in sight.


In the latest edition of Batten Expert Chats, professor Jeanine Braithwaite discussed the Sudan Family Support Project, which will offer quasi-universal basic income to citizens of the African nation.


When we think about the organizations making a positive change in the world, nonprofits usually come to mind. But in the latest installment of Expert Chats, Batten's Christine Mahoney argued that if we consider the private sector as well, we can address today’s global problems much more creatively.

U.S. school principals discriminate against Muslims and atheists, our study finds

According to a large‐scale correspondence study conducted by Batten's John Holbein and colleagues, anti-Muslim bias still operates widely nineteen years after the 9/11 attacks. 


Many Americans take the stability of their food supply for granted, but the pandemic has revealed domestic and global weaknesses in our food systems, one Batten professor argues.