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National Security Policy Center

Threat Perception & International Cooperation

The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Foundation and the National Security Policy Center host a series of discussions with national security experts as the US looks towards a new era of maintaining national security in light of new challenges and emerging threats.

War on the Rocks

In a new article for the online national security magazine War on the Rocks, Batten's Philip Potter, George W. Foresman and University of Pennsylvania's Michael Horowitz write that, given the rapid change of pace and recent developments in space, technical and operational standards and norms of behavior will be necessary to maintain a secure and sustainable domain.

Xinjiang, China

The country’s repressive response to political violence reflects a surge in Chinese nationalism, Batten professor Philip Potter told an online audience during the latest edition of Batten Expert Chats.

President of China Xi Jinping

In an article for Political Violence @ a Glance, Batten's Phil Potter, director of the National Security Policy Center, and co-authors Chen Wang and Claire Oto discuss China's transparency problem, as well as the risks and rewards of transparency.


Join the UVA National Security Law Forum and the National Security Policy Center for a discussion on the U.S. Space Force.

ISIS fighters in Raqqa, Syria, June 2014

ISIS is quietly “rising from the ashes” in areas of Iraq and Syria, due in part to the group’s vast international network of affiliates. Batten’s Phil Potter and co-authors outline why ISIS will be difficult to finish off without defeating the terrorist organization’s entire network of allies.


Since the 9-11 attacks, it has become increasingly clear that the congressional role in US foreign policy, particularly in matters of war and peace, has faded to virtually nothing. Batten's Phil Potter, Associate Professor of Politics and Public Policy and Director of the National Security Policy Center, elaborates.