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Professor Mbiti began working with the organization Twaweza and Tanzanian government partners to develop a study called KiuFunza (“thirst for learning”) in 2012.


Rorem wants more people to see all the hidden truths that math reveals about everyday life and how female mathematicians are contributing to that understanding.


Economists tell us that setting the price of a good or service depends on market forces that balance supply and demand in order to optimize output with minimal waste.


New Batten faculty will be teaching classes in social entrepreneurship, policy analysis and education policy, among others.

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Behavioral science research has demonstrated that power confers psychological resources on its holders that might help stave off the loneliness that can accompany isolation.


When she left Charlottesville for the summer, MPP student Nora Neus had no idea how much a Batten education would help her in the workplace.


Each year, many students fail to enroll in college, enroll in institutions where they are not positioned for success or drop out before earning a degree.


Electronic signatures have become more and more prevalent in our technological world.

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“We asked, ‘How do people perceive electronic signatures, how do people feel when they sign electronic signatures, and how would that impact their subsequent behaviors?’”