• ALLAN STAM Named Dean of U.Va.’s Batten School

    Welcome Dean Allan Stam

    “My biggest challenge, and No. 1 priority, will be to maintain the momentum and focus that Dean Harding has established, to keep moving the school forward, hewing to Frank Batten’s vision,” Stam said. Stam began his tern as dean of the Batten School on July 1, 2014.
  • DEE DEE MYERS | Glover Park Group, former White House Press Secretary

    Policy Pioneer

    The most important leadership lessons are pretty simple, former White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers explained. “Maybe the most important aspect of leadership is listening,” said Myers, who served as Bill Clinton’s press secretary during his 1992 election campaign and for the first two years of his presidency.
  • HARRY HARDING | University Professor, Professor of Public Policy and Politics

    One Size Does Not Fit All

    Successful leaders possess a combination of personality traits, values, and skills that fit the specific context in which they work. Context helps explain why leaders who succeed in some settings encounter far greater difficulties in others – and why leaders who have struggled in one assignment may find their “sweet spot” elsewhere.
  • ERIC M. PATASHNIK | Professor of Public Policy and Politics

    Learning What Works

    More than half the medical treatments that Americans receive lack evidence of their effectiveness. When the government attempts to learn what treatments work best, critics complain about "rationing." How can we implement evidence-based medicine in a way that physicians and patients can embrace?
  • CHRIS RUHM | Prof. of Public Policy & Economics, Assoc. Dean for Academic Affairs

    Producing Good Health

    Good health does not just happen. It is "produced" by a combination of genetics, lifestyle and medical care. A major challenge for the United States, and other countries, is to choose policies that promote good health while maintaining freedom of choice and financial viability of government budgets and the health care system.
  • CHLOE GIBBS | Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Education

    Measuring Social Impact

    Policymakers and practitioners operate under constraints. How do we evaluate programs and policies to provide the strongest evidence for making decisions? In particular, how can social science research inform policy approaches to addressing early childhood disadvantage?

Batten Connections

Start Your Application Today! To learn more about the Master of Public Policy Program, send the Admissions Team an email to FBSAdmissions@eservices.virginia.edu or call 434-924-3477.

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Clair Cain Miller of the New York Times writes:

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ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va (WVIR) - The last day of summer has arrived for students at the University of Virginia, but many of them decided to get out and work in the community Monday instead of hanging around the university.

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Maybe they’re not the biggest names in their fields. They’re not the wealthiest—some of them are still paying off student loans (or accruing them). The companies they run aren’t the largest or oldest in town.
But these 15 locals—the focus of our annual Power Issue—are young, they’re hungry, and if you don’t know them yet, you will soon.

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Batten alumni, students, faculty and staff gathered in Washington, DC, for the annual "Batten in DC" summer event. The event provided an opportunity to thank outgoing and founding dean of the school, Harry Harding, for his service, and to welcome incoming dean Allan Stam to the Batten community.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, USAID announced the launch of nine innovative partnership grants with U.S.
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., May 8, 2014 — The University of Virginia today announced the appointment of Allan C. Stam as the second dean of the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy.

Stam comes to U.Va. from the University of Michigan, where he studies leadership, international conflict and global politics as a professor of public policy and political science and director of the International Policy Center at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy.

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