• Batten MPP students outside of Garrett Hall

    Batten Community

    At Batten, you’ll join stellar faculty and driven students at one of the nation’s top “public ivy” universities.
  • Batten School students visit Capitol Hill

    Real World Experience

    Batten School students do not only study public policy, they interact with the nation's policy makers and affect policy in their communities. Professor Gerry Warburg's MPP class visits with legislators and their staff on Capitol Hill.
  • Associate Professor Christine Mahoney in the classroom

    Inspired Learning

    Our innovative approach to public policy has attracted some of the best scholar-practitioners in political science, psychology, law, history and economics. They’re driven by policy issues and eager to abandon academic silos. They’re published and accomplished, a combination of the sharpest minds at U.Va., as well as some of the best research institutions in the country.

Batten News

In a world where e-signatures and signing by PIN is becoming increasingly common, the act of signing by hand carries symbolic meaning. Legally, e-signatures and handwritten signatures have the same power, but University of Virginia assistant professor Eileen Chou began to suspect that they did not exert the same level of influence over the signer.

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Maybe a recession is just what the doctor ordered.

Economic downturns, it turns out, appear to be good for health, according to a study released this week by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

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January 2017 will bring new leadership to the American presidency. It is hard to imagine the White House inbox will hold more complex challenges than those that confronted first-term senator and president-elect Barack Obama. No president since Harry Truman has been dealt such a difficult hand. Future presidents most certainly will.

How can we better prepare our leaders?

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